Photo by Corina Marie Howell -


I am  a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. My journey to photography has been a but strange, taking detours through business school, sports management, to photography two years ago which I began in earnest to learn film making.

In my work, I aim to capture life's unique moments in new and interesting ways, constantly changing and evolving my style so each image is its own special story. My work in studio also is aimed at always being “not boring”. In today’s world as we are constantly bombarded by images of all kinds, I want mine to stand out and make the viewer pause.

Through this time my style and approach has evolved along the way, taking cues from the big names in photographers, to some my favorite film makers Kubrick and Tarkovsky – from street to lifestyle to in studio work.

Reach out to me with your projects and join me in my journey capturing beautiful images.